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Confidentiality and Agency Disclosure

I hereby agree to keep totally confidential all information and name(s) associated with all businesses listed with PrimeCare America.

I further agree not to contact the doctor/owner and/or staff of said business without the consent of PrimeCare America.

As a prospective buyer I hereby certify that I am not now nor have I ever been, an employee of the Internal Revenue Service or any other tax collecting authority.

Buyer is aware that this is not a real estate transaction. It is the sale of a business.

Should I decide not to purchase this business I will return and/or destroy all information given to me by PrimeCare America and/or seller pertaining to the business.

I have been told that PrimeCare America works for the seller and that I should seek legal advice prior to proceeding with an agreement of sale.

Buyer is aware that the seller(s) has supplied all of the information to PrimeCare America which includes the business profile, financials and all other information that will be supplied for further due diligence by the Buyer. Buyer is aware that PrimeCare America has not investigated any of the information or facts provided by the Seller. Primecare America suggests Buyer retain an attorney, accountant or any other advisor to verify all of the information supplied by the seller.

Buyer will hold PrimeCare America harmless pertaining to any and all business information being presented, be it accurate and/or inaccurate. Buyer and/or his/her counsel assumes all responsibility.

If I am a broker and/or the agent, I agree that I have been retained by the buyer of a business. I am obtaining a password and/or additional information for the specific purpose of due-diligence only.

Buyer acknowledges that they have read and understood the terms of this Confidentiality & Agent Disclosure. The buyer further acknowledges receipt of a copy of this document.


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