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Welcome to PrimeCare America,

a one-stop shopping mall for health care job seekers, health care professionals needing financing and health care professionals seeking to buy or sell a health care business. Health care professionals throughout the United States, continue to entrust PrimeCare America with their business appraisal needs, business management services and wealth building demands.

PrimeCare America is the only firm in the United States which brings all of these key services to you in one easy format. Our mission is to put health care professionals in touch with these essential services in an effective and rewarding manner.

Only you know what direction to take with your healthcare career. This site is devoted to your success as a health care professional. The opportunities are just a click away!

"When our health care providers were trying to acquire this business, PrimeCare America stepped up and obtained a $5.3 Million loan! Without PrimeCare America, we would not have realized the many benefits of owning our own business."

-Jim B.
Chief Operating Officer
SW U.S. Clinic Network


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